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Isaiah 35:10 "And the ransom of HaShem shall make Aliyah and come to Zion with songs of everlasting joy upon their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away."

The name of our Hebraic Faith congregation is Aliyah - a Hebrew word which literally means "to go up." Aliyah is used to honor someone from the congregation to come up to the Bimah (a raised platform at the center of the congregation from where Torah is read) and recite the blessings before the Torah is read. It is also used to describe the journey of someone emigrating to Israel. (In this case it is used in combination with the verb "to make.") In the reference above, Isaiah speaks of a great occasion when all the ransom of the Lord, those who have opened their hearts and minds to Him and love Him above all things, will come to Zion with great joy. They will "Make Aliyah."

We use this word to describe our congregation because it is our hope to participate one day in this Aliyah, of which the prophet Isaiah spoke. That word also implies the idea of returning to the place of our ancestors - not only the physical location, but also in the spiritual sense, when man was in tune with the mind of God, and obedience to His Torah took first place instead of humanistic philosophies and traditions of man. Our sincere desire is to return to HaShem and to His Torah with a full heart and mind.

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Aliyah Congregation is pleased to share some of its facilities with Yeshiva Torah Institute.

The purpose of Yeshiva Torah Institute is to equip spiritual leaders for the propagation of Tanakhee (Biblical) Judaism with a curriculum for broad minded, knowledgeable and critical thinking scholars. It is empowered by the State of Colorado to confer a Licentiate in Jewish Studies for congregational leaders or rabbinical (semicha) ordination. Provided a candidate for ordination has sufficient academic background and demonstrated abilities in service to a congregation, the award may include a Doctorate in Hebrew Letters (DHL). The Institute combines the rabbinical mentoring (Rabbi Talmidiam) approach and the interdisciplinary adult education process used by the English Oxbridge system.

Please visit the website of the affiliated Yeshiva Torah Institute.

Shalom to you.