Tanakhee Judaism

So what type of Judaism do we practice?

Since we are not part of the Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Hassidic, Cohelec or Messianic groups? We aim to practice the form of Judaism or Hebraic faith that was practiced by Yeshua. Yeshua's practices were in conflict with those of the religious leaders of Judaism of His day.

But the Judaism of His time and as practiced today are very similar. It is a form of Judaism called "Rabbinical" Judaism. Rabbinical Judaism is based on the writings of the Talmud, a collection of 2.5 million words of commentaries, interpretations and discussions of laws, customs, and traditions of ancient Rabbis.The Talmud is composed of the Mishnah, or the Oral Law and the Gemara which is a commentary on the Mishnah or the Oral Law.

To support the existence and usage of the Talmud, Jewish Theologians use a passage where the word "Torahs" (plural) appears. Based on the plural word, they teach that there are 2 Torahs: The written Torah given to us by Moses, and the oral Torah. According to them the oral Torah WAS NOT to be written down, but it is a Torah knowledge passed verbally or orally from generation to generation. Nevertheless, in the 5th century of the C.E. the Jerusalem Talmud was written. Then, in the following century, the Babylonian Talmud was written.

The Hebraic faith practiced by Yeshua was in conflict with the Rabbinical Judaism of His day. But He never once violated the Torah given to Moses. We find in the New Testament, several times, this expression: "You heard what was said, but it is written". "What was said" was the Oral Law being practiced at the time. Yet He always rejected the Oral Law and embraced "what was written". "What was written" was the Torah. Yeshua was accused of many things, including violating the customs and traditions of the fathers; and rightly so, because He did violate them when those traditions conflicted with or misinterpreted the Law (Torah) and the Prophets!

At Aliyah Congregation our desire is to practice that which our forefathers practiced when it was pure Torah only. We use the the word "Tanakhee" (referring to the Tanakh), which is "Biblical Judaism" or "Hebraic Faith". We are of the firm belief that we need more Torah and less Talmud to reach our goal of 100% Torah and 0% Talmud. To love the One True God with all our heart, soul mind and strength and to live a life pleasing to Him. This is our goal, that we attempt to teach and "walk out" the Torah. We recognize that it would always be by the grace and mercy of Messiah.

The Book of Revelation talks about "the remnant" being those who have the Spirit within and who walk according to the commandments (the Torah) of God. We want to be among this remnant when God calls. Our hearts are to teach and walk in the Spirit as we grow together as brethren who worship God in Spirit and Truth. ONLY when we do this with a proper balance can we truly be used as vessels of honor for Messiah.

We invite you to fellowship and worship with us soon!

Shalom to you.